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Telecom System Sr. Technician

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Position : Telecom System Sr. Technician

location     :   Abu Dhabi

Ref No       :  1112-E

Job purpose:

Conduct installation, preventive maintenance, removal & reinstallation, repair and testing of one or more of the following systems as per work assignment:

•       VHF, UHF, HF radio equipment

•       Power line carrier system

•       Fiber optic system

•       PA systems, Fax, Palins Systems

•       NOB, Meteo-oceanographic systems & Air/ground equipment

•       Voice recording systems

•       Microwave, LOS equipment including PCM system

•       SOH/ POH equipment, with electrical/optical fiber Interlaces and related multiplex systems. (STM-l, STM 4 and STM-16).

•       LAN/WAN equipment, commercial satellite TV (C and Ku Band), and CCTV systems

•       Antenna Installations, measurements and adjustments

•       Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) that combine the functionality of a PLC with WIMAX and CIT microwave radio systems

•       Temporary gas detection systems for simultaneous operations at wellhead towers/ RFIO/personnel tracking system



Principal Accountabilities

•       Conducts a comprehensive corrective and preventative maintenance program on a variety of equipment off-shore as per assigned Job Scope and ensure their availability at the optimum level in accordance with operational requirements. Specified faulty items are sent to ITTN in AUH for repair together with the appropriate documentations.

•       Conducts’ corrective maintenance on specified equipment up to component level and ensure that work performed is according to manufacturer's recommendations, followed by conducting tests using a variety of tools and test equipment.

•       Participate In the installation, connection and tuning of a variety of equipment as per his job assignment at various locations as required by the Company

•       Implement modification and enhancement of RTUs and associated equipment and participate in Installation and commissioning of new RTUs and other hook-up programs including Installation and removal of temporary Gas detection systems at well head towers Undertake basic repairs in the field workshop using dedicated electronic test equipment and mechanical repairs to radio system with assistance of the contracted rigger

•       Maintain a record of all tools and test equipment utilized and ensure their availability by accurate checks and ensure their accuracy by periodically sending them to ITIN Lab in AUH for calibration as recommended by the manufacturer and agreed with ITIN

•       Investigates causes of defective operation of systems and equipment Including interfaces to other systems and recommend modifications to equipment or operational conditions, discussing solutions with the Telecom / Control engineers as appropriate.

•       Ensures that maintenance procedures are adhered to and complete all necessary

•       documentation to facilitate work and update records. Participates in conjunction with the Telecom Engineer, in the continuous review of maintenance procedures and in the recommendation.

•       In close coordination with contractors (when on site) undertakes the installation of new equipment or modification of the existing ones and ensures that work is carried out according to specifications and ensures that performance of the equipment is within agreed standards and requirement of appropriate amendments

•       Conducts similar or related duties such as preparing mission orders, work orders, maintenance reports, requisitions for transportation, monthly time sheets and work permits, and ensuring that all work Is fully documented

•       Ensures full compliance to Company Fire & Safety & Environment procedures/standards in all executed work/tasks and actively contribute to sections HSE· Target KPI's

•       Participates in the on-the-job training of UAE Developees and provide all possible supports to help them meet their targets meet their targets.


Minimum Requirements;

•       Advanced vocational qualification (HND) or equivalent in Electronics & Telecommunications

•       Minimum 5 years (Hands on) varied experience in the installation, maintenance, repair end testing of modem VHF, UHF and HF radio equipment, microwave, multiplexers, specifically where used for data transmission and voice communication and microprocessor based remote terminal systems (RTU) In a Scada environment

•       Work experience in a similar environment in the oil or petro-chemical Industry is an advantage.

•       Good command of English, both written and spoken.

Urgent Hiring


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi/Onshore/Offshore

Accountabilities: Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline. Report to Commissioning Team Leader as per project Organization chart. ...Read more


Type of Contract:Direct Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

Accountabilities: Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to Process discipline. Lead a team of technicians to undertake commissioning activities in...Read more


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

Location of work: Mainly onshore and might need to work on offshore (if required). Knowledge Skills and Experience: §  Bachelor degree in Engineering (preferably Mechanical). ...Read more


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

Accountabilities: Lead a Multi-discipline team to extend Support services to Commissioning works on EPC Projects. Liaise with various departments within the organization to...Read more


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi- Field Based

Specific Accountabilities: Full knowledge of fabrication principles and procedures and familiarity with welding preparations, fit up of spool pipes, fitting, steel structures. Testing...Read more


Type of Contract:Contract Hire

Closing Date:ASAP

    Abu Dhabi

Accountabilities: ·         Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline. ...Read more


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